Getting Started

Work through each of the sections below to verify that your settings for Infusionsoft and Fix Your Funnel are accurate.


Check the list above to ensure that the first and last name shown next to your studio(s) e-mail address accurately reflects the person who will be primarily responsible for managing the dashboard.  If a change needs to be made (or you have a question), please let us know.

Then, watch the video below (or to the right) to learn how to view your e-mail signature, and verify your profile data.  Please do not try to edit the signature ... if a change needs to be made, please contact us and we'll be happy to adjust it for you.

Verify Signature / Profile Info

Fix Your Funnel

1. Above, you'll find a list of each Iron Tribe's Fix Your Funnel text number.  Locate your gym(s).  Call the number ... it should forward to your gym's landline.  If it doesn't, or if you prefer to have the redirect set to another number, please let us know and we'll be happy to update.

2. Download the Fix Your Funnel Messenger app to your mobile device (search "FYF Messenger").  The login credentials are as follows:

Username = the same e-mail address used to login to Infusionsoft
Password = your ITF's name (all lowercase, no spaces)

If you have any trouble, or would like to modify your username and/or password, please let us know.

Acuity Scheduling

There is nothing for you to do in Acuity ... BUT ... it's very important that you never modify your 6 Week Challenge Scheduling link.  All of the automation is set to direct to the existing link ... if you modify it, none of the links in the automation will work.

6 Week Challenge Landing Page URL's

The landing page URL's follow the structure below.  The Facebook URL is where you should direct your facebook ads, and the Home Page URL is where your gym location page should direct.  Verify that yours load correctly (they should look the same and have your gym's name at the top).

When checking your gym, replace the /highway-150/ with your gym's info


IMPORTANT NOTE: Your pages are live, but Zapier will not be turned on until you are 100% ready to roll ... Please don't test the form fill out at this point

Facebook 6 Week Challenge Page

Verify that your facebook group page name is the same as what's in the automation -> "ITF 6 Week Challenge: Gym Name"

Going LIVE!

VERY IMPORTANT:  Do not start directing traffic toward the system until you have communicated with us that you are ready to do so.  We will need to active your Zaps (logic that connects Acuity to Infusionsoft), and run a few tests through the system to verify that everything is working correctly first ... then you'll be ready to roll.

Contact Us

Rick Anderson  (205) 410-0841

Lenny Turi